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Odd words: Interrobang

INTERROBANG/ˈɪnˈtɛrəʊbæŋ/ A combined exclamation mark and question mark. This punctuation mark is not yet standard, and probably never will be. It was invented in 1962 through the actions of Martin Speckter, head of a New York advertising agency. He felt … Continue reading

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Welcome Lander University

To members of the Lander University Community: Welcome to Rob’s Megaphone Please have a look around Rob’s Library: (top left): My posts are classified by categories. Below that (Where on Earth are you) shows my visitors’ location. There are quizes,  blog friends’ … Continue reading

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Silly Signs #22

  Maybe it would help if I spoke the language, but if I were approaching these signs doing 55, I might deduce: 1. Road narrows, 2. Caution flying reindeer, 3. Danger of french horn players, 4. Drive with one wheel off the … Continue reading

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