Challenge yourself: Grammar Quiz

Preview the questions; then take the quiz

Choose precisely the right word in the following:

1. What was the (affect/effect) of the victory?

2. (Because/Since) he lied, he was expelled.

3. We need to go four miles (further/farther) before we make camp.

4. The prisoners (alluded/eluded) the guard.

5. Sentences with (less/fewer) words are easier to understand.

6. Any spelling is (all right, alright).

7. My desk is different (from/than) yours.

8. (Because, While) that was not the case, John continued to believe it.

9. I am (anxious, eager) to learn all I can.

10. The weather changes (continually, continuously).

Take the quiz………………………..Here.

 Join my Grammar Group at Blog Catalog – the answers can be found here.

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About robertstevenson

Dr. Robert Stevenson is a Professor of Journalism and Director of Student Publications for the Department of Mass Communications and Theater at Lander University in Greenwood, SC. He received the Distinguished Faculty of the Year award for 2007-'08, and the Lander University Young Faculty Scholar Award in 2005-06. Stevenson also serves as chair of the Lander University American Democracy Project. First and Formost I am a dad of two wonderful boys.
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2 Responses to Challenge yourself: Grammar Quiz

  1. Lenka Bliss says:

    80% 😀 I am satisfied. 😀 What are the right answers? 😀

  2. Hi there, Lenka.
    I don’t know why the quiz doesn’t show the correct answers. I’ll work on that for my next quiz. But for now, you can find the answers at

    By thw way, an 80 is great, and for a non-native English speaker, it’s fantastic. 🙂

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